Meraki MX450-HW

Meraki MX450-HW

Firewall Meraki MX450-HW Meraki MX450 Router/Security Appliance; Meraki MX450 Enterprise License and Support: LIC-MX450-ENT-1YR, LIC-MX450-ENT-3YR, LIC-MX450-ENT-5YR

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Thiết bị bảo mật Firewall Meraki MX450-HW

Mã sản phẩmMX450-HW
Recommended Use CasesCampus or VPN concentrator
Stateful Firewall Throughput6 Gbps
Advanced Security  Throughput4 Gbps
WAN Interfaces (Dedicated)– 2x 10GbE SFP+
– 1x USB (cellular failover)
LAN Interfaces Fixed– 8x GbE (RJ45)
– 8x GbE (SFP)
– 8x 10GbE (SFP+)
Web Caching128GB (SSD)
Mounting1U Rack
Dual Wan Links
3G / 4G Failover
Built-In LTE Modem Model Availableo
Built-In Wireless Availableo
Built-In PoE+ Model Availableo
Hard drive (TB)
Fiber ConnectivitySFP, SFP+
Dual Power Supply
Form Factor1U
Maximum throughput with all security features enabled4 Gbps
Maximum Stateful (L3) firewall throughput in passthrough mode6 Gbps
Maximum Stateful (L3) firewall throughput in NAT mode6 Gbps
Maximum VPN throughput2 Gbps
Maximum concurrent VPN tunnels*
(site-to-site or client VPN)
Recommended maximum concurrent VPN tunnels
(site-to-site or client VPN)
Max AMP throughput4 Gbps
Max IDS throughput4 Gbps
Recommended client devices10,000