Peplink MAX BR1 ENT

Peplink MAX BR1 ENT

Thiết bị Router MAX BR1 ENT LTE/LTEA: – WAN: 1x GE + 1x Embedded LTE (Redundant SIM Slots) + USB – LAN: 2x GE – Router Throughput: 300Mbps

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Thiết bị Router Peplink MAX BR1 ENT

Product CodeBR1-ENT-LTE
WAN Interface1x GE
1x Embedded LTE Modem (Redundant SIM Slots)
LAN Interface2x GE
Cellular ModemLTE / LTE-A
SIM Card SizeMini-SIM (2FF)
USB WAN Modem Port1
Wi-Fi WANo
Wi-Fi LANo
Router Throughput300Mbps
Recommended Users25-150
Downlink/Uplink Datarate100Mbps/50Mbps (LTE Modem)
300Mbps/50Mbps (LTE-A Modem)
600Mbps/150Mbps (LTE-A Pro Modem)
Cellular and GPS
Antenna Connector
2x SMA Antenna Connectors
1x SMA GPS Antenna  Connector
(2x 2dBi Indoor 4G LTE Antennas Included)
Power InputDC Jack/Terminal Block: 10V – 56V DC
Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty
Core Functionality
802.1q VLANs Supported16
Drop-In Mode
High Availability
IP Passthrough
Web Blocking
Web Filtering BlacklistLite
VPN Functionality
SpeedFusion Hot Failover
SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bondingo
Number of PepVPN SpeedFusion Peers2/5/20
PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput100Mbps
Central Management
InControl Cloud Management
GPS Fleet Management