Cisco C9300L-48T-4G-A

Cisco C9300L-48T-4G-A

Cisco C9300L-48T-4G-A Catalyst 9300 48-port fixed uplinks data only, 4X10G uplinks, Network Advantage. Hàng chính hãng bảo hành 12 – 60 tháng, đầy đủ CO, CQ do Cisco Việt Nam cấp.
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Thiết bị mạng Switch Cisco C9300L-48T-4G-A

Model C9300L-48T-4G-A
Interface 48 Ports 10/100/1000, 4x 1G fixed uplinks
Switching capacity 104 Gbps
Stacking bandwidth 320 Gbps
Switching capacity with stacking 424 Gbps
Forwarding rate 77.38 Mpps
Forwarding rate with stacking 315.48 Mpps
Total number of MAC addresses 32,000
Total number of IPv4 routes (ARP plus learned routes) 32,000 (24,000 direct routes and 8000 indirect routes)
IPv4 routing entries 32,000
IPv6 routing entries 16,000
Multicast routing scale 8000
QoS scale entries 5120
ACL scale entries 5120
Packet buffer per SKU 16 MB buffer
FNF entries 64,000 flow
Flash 16 GB
VLAN IDs 4094
Total Switched Virtual Interfaces (SVIs) 2000
Jumbo frames 9198 bytes
Total routed ports per 9300 Series stack 416

Power nguồn cho Switch Cisco C9300L-48T-4G-A

Product Number Product Description
PWR-C1-350WAC= 350WAC power supply spare
PWR-C1-350WAC-P= 350WAC Platinum-rated power supply spare