Switch Aruba 2930M 24 HPE Smart Rate PoE+ 1-slot (JL324A)

Switch Aruba 2930M 24 HPE Smart Rate PoE+ 1-slot (JL324A)

JL324A Aruba 2930M 24 HPE Smart Rate PoE+ 1-slot Switch: 24 Autosensing 1/2.5/5GBaseT Ports HPE Smart Rate PoE+, 1 Uplink Slot, 1 Stacking Module Slot, 2 Power Supply Slots.

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Thiết bị mạng Switch Aruba 2930M 24 HPE Smart Rate PoE+ 1-slot (JL324A)

Mã sản phẩmJL324A Aruba 2930M 24 HPE Smart Rate PoE+ 1-slot Switch
I/O ports and slots24 Autosensing 1/2.5/5GBaseT ports  PoE+
Additional ports and slots1 Dual Personality (RJ-45 or USB Micro-B) serial console port

1 USB B port for uploading/downloading files

1 100BASE-T Out of Band Management Port

1 Uplink Slot

1 Stacking Module Slot

2 Power Supply Slots (power supplies not included)

Physical characteristicsDimensions: 1.73″ (Height) x 17.42″ (Width) x 12.77″ (Depth) (4.39cm x 44.25cm x 32.43cm)
Weight: 9.92 lbs 4.50 kg
Memory and processorDual Core ARM Cortex A9 @ 1016 MHz


Packet Buffer Size: 12.38MB and 4.5MB Ingress/7.875MB Egress


Mounting and enclosureMounts in an EIA-standard 19-inch telco rack or equipment cabinet (rack-mounting kit available); Horizontal surface mounting; Wall mounting
PerformanceIPv6 Ready certified

10 Mbps Latency:n/a

100 Mbps Latency: n/a

1000 Mbps Latency: < 3.1us (FIFO 64-byte packets)

2.5 Gbps Latency: < 6.5µs (FIFO 64-byte packets)

5 Gbps Latency: 4.2µs (FIFO 64-byte packets)

10Gbps Latency: <3.4us fifo=”” 64=”” byte=”” packets=”” p=””>

Throughput: 112 Mpps

Stacking Performance: 100 Gbps

Switching Capacity: 320 Gbps

Switching Capacity (including Stacking): 420 Gbps

Routing table Size: 12,000 IPv4, 1,000 IPv6 in hardware, 200 OSPF, 256 Static, 10,000 RIP

Mac Address Table Size: 32768 entries

EnvironmentOperating temperature: 32° F to 131°F (0° C to 55° C) up to 5000ft, 32° F to 122°F (0° C to 50° C). Derate -1 degree C for every 1000 ft from 5000 ft to 10000 ft
Operating relative humidity: 15%to 95% (Non-condens- ing) 10,000 ft
Nonoperating/Storage temperature:-40°C to 70°C up to 15000 ft
Nonoperating/Storage relative humidity:90% at 65°C (non-condens- ing); 15,000 ft
Acoustic: Sound Power LWaD=4.8 Bel, Sound Pressure LpAm, Bystander = 31.2 dB
Primary Airflow direction: Front to Back
Electrical characteristicsFrequency: 50/60 Hz
Maximum Heat: 150 BTU/hr
Dissipation: 162 kJ/hr
JL086A PSU: 100-127/200- 240 VAC
JL087A PSU: 110-127/200- 240 VAC
JL086A PSU (each): 5.9A/3A
JL087A PSU (each): 10A/5.1A
Maximum power rating:
JL086A PSU (each): 554W
JL087A PSU (each): 957W
Idle power: 95W
PoE power: 860 Watts
Hibernate Power: 7W
Tùy chọn module dùng cho Switch Aruba ​JL324A:
JL078AAruba 3810M/2930M 1-port QSFP+ 40GbE Module
JL081AAruba 3810M 4 HPE Smart Rate PoE+ Module
JL083AAruba 3810M/2930M 4-port 100M/1G/10G SFP+ MACsec Module
JL325AAruba 2930 2-port Stacking Module
J9734AAruba 2920/2930M 0.5m Stacking Cable
J9735AAruba 2920/2930M 1m Stacking Cable
J9736AAruba 2920/2930M 3m Stacking Cable